1) How much does your hair weigh?

  Virgin 3.5 ounces(100 grams)


2) How much hair do i need?
  The average person needs 8-10oz for a full head sew-in
  We recommend
  2 bundles for 12"-16"
  3 bundles for 18"-24"
  4 bundles for 26"-30"


3) How long does it take to ship?
   Hair will be shipped out in 24 hours after you pay, you can receive the hair in 3-4 days.


4) Can the hair be colored?
   All virgin hair can be colored , it is best to get the hair colored by a professional.


5) Do you ship overseas?
   Yes, overseas shipping is available at a flat shipping rate of $25


6) What form of payment is accepted?
   We accept PayPal, American express, Discover, Master card, Visa, and Western Union.


7) How long will the hair last?
  Our virgin human hair can last 6-12 months. The longevity of the hair depends on how you care for   your hair. Remember treat it like its your natural hair. It can be washed, straightened, roller-set and then bounce back to its original texture. The hair will last as long as you maintain it properly.

8) How often should i shampoo and condition the hair?
   It is recommended to shampoo the hair every two weeks, but co wash everyone to two weeks. You want to condition more so than shampoo. Note that moroccan organ oil should be added to moisturize the hair on a daily basis.


9) What kind of hair product can I use in the hair?
   You can use a variety of hair products, wash and condition as often as you like. It is best to refrain from oil based products to prevent quality loss.


10) Whats the difference between Malaysian Peruvian Brazilian Mongolian Cambodian Indian?
   Please refer to the bottom of our website for our Types of Hair


11) What is your shipping policy?
   Please refer to the bottom of our website for Shipping Policies


12) What is your return policy?
  Please refer to the bottom of our website for our Return Policy


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